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Collaboration drives change

Collibre is established in 2014, after realizing digital tools was a main driver in IT departments, and often implemented in hope for effectiveness and measured on saved costs.

The humans who should benefit from investing their time in learning new tools was not heard, and the real challenge; organizational collaboration in a digital world was not addressed – now it is.

Digital collaboration

Transformation of collaboration habits in large organizations

Social impact

Transforming the social norm and hirachical structures in corporations able to communicate fast and borderless

Process optimization

Aligning and optimizing business processes with the clarity from implementing digital strategies


Specification and Implementation of platforms like Office365, SharePoint, Yammer

Collaboration without borders

Experience from many digital workplace implementations across country borders but most importantly across organisation silos

A purposeful challenge

The challenge is even bigger, and at the moment I’m looking for new ways to make #techforgood. see

Enabling collaboration

Brian Schildt Laursen